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How Does Ozone Work?

The Primary Reason is Oxygen Utilization

Oxygen is your most critical substance utilized by the body. But it’s not just what you take in, it’s what you utilize. The difference between you at 20 and you at 70 is the efficiency at which you utilize oxygen. The key to the treatment and prevention of disease is optimum oxygen utilization. Decreased oxygen utilization happens locally and systemically as we age. Many people do not realize how this has impacted them, until they, a family membern or a friend notice how they are not as energetic as they once were.

The Mitochondria Are Where Oxygen Utilization Happens

Metabolically active cells contain thousands of mitochondria, which make up 40% of a cell. There can be as many as 10 million billion mitochondria in an adult human. However, mitochondria are not static. Triggered by a variety of physiological stimuli and differentiation states they are in constant movement within cells. They are constantly changing in size, number and mass and this can happen in hours. In short, healthy mitochondira lead to healthy levels of oxygen utilization and poor mitochondria lead to chronic disease and aging and early death.

Using Ozone To Stimulate Oxygen Utilization

Aging and the diseases of aging are caused primarily by decreased oxygen utilization. This decrease leads to the excessive free radical production that produces the pathology (organ breakdown and degenerative disease). Decreased oxygen utilization is caused by both pre-mitochondrial and mitochondrial factors. Decreased oxygen utilization exerts its effects by causing a decrease in the NAD/NADH ratio. Ozone therapy is effective for so many diseases including the infirmaties of aging because it normalizes this ratio.

Clinical Signs of Significantly Decreased Oxygen Utilization

  • shortness of breath with exerction
  • exercise intolerance
  • inability to exercise
  • decreased body temperature
  • chronic disease
  • fatigue
  • chronic pain
  • sensitivity to temperature
  • Aging and Oxygen Utilization

    The decline in our ability to utilize oxygen starts early in life. The graph below shows how the decline progresses over the years. Unfortunately, the decline is slow and gradual and as a result, we often don't notice it. For some of us this decline is even more pronounced due to environmetal, dietary, and other lifestyle influences.

    Decreased oxygen leads to what we call functional hypoxia. This is where the amount of oxygen in the body is fine. However, the mitochondria are not able to utlize this oxygen due to their poor functioning. This functional hypoxia was put forward almost 100 years ago when Dr. Wahlberg theorzied that cancer was casued by the functinoal hypoxia. For his great work in this area, Dr. Wahlber won the Nobel Prize in Medicine and the decreased oxygen utilization in the cell is now known as the Wahlberg Effect.


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