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Restorative Healing Through O3!









Ozone has been used as a treatment option for close to 100 years. During this time it has been successfully used to treat thousands of patients dealing with numerous and varied conditions. Virtually unknown in North America, it is used extensively in Germany and Russia and throughout Europe. This exciting treatment is now available in our clinic in Edmonton, serving people throughout western Canada.

Ozone Treatments

Ozone can be used to treat a variety of conditions:

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is a natural substance which is made from oxygen molecules and is comprised of three oxygen atoms. The oxygen (O2) that we breath is made up of two oxygen atoms and when it comes into contact with energy (either from the sun or from lightning), three of these oxygen molecules reorganize to form two ozone molecules. These ozone molecules are unstable (with a half life of roughly 30 minutes) and it is this instability which makes ozone so powerful medically. Ozone is not a drug it is a biological modifier.

Why Ozone?

Modern medicine often focuses on trying to limit the stressors rather than focusing on the biological systems. If you improve the biological system then the whole body functions better. Ozone stimulates biological systems.


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