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Caution: we do NOT infuse ozone gas directly into the blood stream. This method is recognized as an unsafe practice by both international ozone organizaions.

Major-Auto Hemotherapy

MAH is the classic ozone treatment available throughout the world. It involves taking blood from the patient's vein and treating with ozone and by IV returning the blood to patient's body. This can take upwards of 3-4 h depending on many cycles of MAH are done in a visit. While this is available at our clinic is has been largely replaced with ozonated saline methodology which is showing to be as effective as MAH. Generally a patient would receive this treatment once or twice a week for a total of 10-15 treatments.

Intravenous Ozonated Saline

Ozonated saline is quickly becoming the primary treatment for patients looking for standard ozone therapy. This treatment is performed using saline that is ozonated. The dissolved ozone and saline solution is then administered via IV. This procedure generally takes 60 to 90 minutes and is great for those who have smaller viens. In addition, it can also be administered through a port or pic line. Once saturated there is 10ug/mL (10mg/L) of ozone present. We have found that patients prefer this treatment and patients have reported some outstanding results with this treatement.

Intestinal Insufflation

This treatment is wonderful for patients suffering from intestinal dysbiosis (a subclass of IBS). The treatment is administered rectally as a gas. The actual treatment time is about 5 minutes. Generally a number of treatements are required to deal with the dysbiosis. Once patients are familiar with the procedure, they can pick their ozone bag up at the clinic and go home and administer the treatment in the privacy of their home (this must be done within 30 to 60 minutes of the bag being prepared). Like MAH, patients would generally receive a treatment once or twice a week for for a minimum of 10-15 treatments.


CheZone is a combination of Ozone Therapy followed by Chelation Theapy. With this therapy it is essential that the IV ozonated saline be given BEFORE the Chelation IV be given. This allows for adequate calcium levels to be present for cytokine stimulation, as the chelation portion functions by removing excess calcium from the body. This is an excellent treatment for those with coronary artery disease which has a heavy metal component. The number of treatments for this is often much longer as the goal is to remove plaque from the arteries. Chelation therapy alone was the standard of care for coronary artery disease until the advent of cholesterol lowering drugs. In addition, with CheZone additional recommendations will enhance the overall outcome.

Limb Bagging

Is used to treat infections of the limbs. Is an excellent treatment for treating diabetic ulcers of the lower limbs. This treatment involves placing the limb in a bag and adding ozone gas to the bag. Since ozone is an antibacterial agent (ozone kills bacteria and viruses on contact), this aids the body in allowing for more speedy recovery. Treatments would be daily for 1-2 weeks (generally until the ulcers have healed).

Minor-Auto Hemotherapy

mAH is a therapy in which a small amount of blood is mixed with a small amount of ozone and injected into the patient's gluteus muscle. The advantage of this procedure is that it is a very quick treatment and thus is excellent for people for whom time is a concern. This treatment is often given once or twice a week.



Intestinal Insulfation

Intravenous Ozonated Saline

Limb Bagging

Major-Auto Hemotherapy - MAH

Minor-Auto Hemotherapy - mAH